Treatments for PTSD

Ketamine Infusion to Treat PTSD

PTSD is a very common, it’s serious and can be chronic. The symptoms include memories of the trauma, cause nightmares and one to remember the trauma over and over again. That itself can cause depression or suicidal feelings.

New treatments that work very well are desperately needed for PTSD. What we have found in our Ketamine studies, is that Ketamine can have very robust effectiveness in PTSD and can work right away.

Ketamine Study

In one study, a group of patients received Ketamine, 67% or two-thirds showed rapid and significant improvement in symptoms. So Ketamine is a very promising treatment because it seems to be to lead robust improvement in PTSD symptoms and a rapid improvement.

Available drugs for PTSD

The available drugs for PTSD take weeks to months to work and given the seriousness of PTSD, that’s too long. They need to feel better immediately and Ketamine potentially has that effect.

Cure Childhood Trauma

Even Participants who have experienced trauma in childhood, talked about feeling more normal, being able to face their fears, trauma memories. Some of them had nightmares that dissolved completely. The infusions really made a difference in a short period of time.

Ketamine Research

The next steps for Ketamine research for treatment of PTSD are to study to maintain this initial improvement in PTSD symptoms. Either by adding further infusions over time, or potentially evaluating to combing psychotherapy with Ketamine infusions for PTSD might have a synergistic effect.

This is an important discovery. We have now shown that Ketamine not only works for individuals with treatment resistant depression and OCD, but also for patient with chronic PTSD. A population very much in need for novel treatments.