Ketamine for Depression

The new way to treat depression

Ketamine Infusion for depression

Why Ketamine Infusion?

Around five million people in the U.S. with depression, don’t respond to commonly prescribed or recommended treatments. For these people, Therapy, Antidepressants and Physical activity don’t solve the condition. There is new hope in the horizon, Ketamine. Known as a party drug and animal anesthetic, it is one of the newest legal forms of medication to treat depression. Infusion centers are popping up all over the country.

Depression is harder than we think

Depression is an interesting disease because a lot of people think that it is just about being sad. Sadness is just the tip of the iceberg. Depression is something that is dealt with for the rest of their lives. About 1/3 of people in the US with depression have treatment resistant depression. According to Margaret Clifford, Ketamine has completely wiped out my depression. I am just as shocked as anyone else. I feel like this is the person I am supposed to be.

Ketamine Research

The floury of activity around using Ketamine to treat depression is recent. But the research goes back decades. One the leading experts in this field, Dr. John Krystal decided to use Ketamine as a way to study the brain human cognitive function in the early 1990’s. He pioneered research on Ketamine’s effects on depressed patients and has continued his work since then by assisting in the development of the Ketamine Nasal Spray.

According to Dr. John Krystal, we were really shocked by the fact that within several hours some people began to feel a little bit better. By 24 hours a number of the people felt all better or nearly all better. This was something that was unforgettable that was shocking.

Infusion Therapy

Ketamine vs. Anti-depressants

Ketamine vs Anti-depressants

What really differentiates Ketamine from common depressants is how it affects the brain. Ketamine can repair neurons and synapsis that typically don’t function properly with depressed patients. Anti-depressants usually focus on increasing chemicals in the brain like Serotonin and Ketamine.

Attitudes are changing and access to the drug as a medication is becoming more readily available. For example, the FDA has approved the nasal form of Ketamine. Users can get relief in minutes or hours rather weeks or months like the typical anti-depressants.

“These dramatic results have been known in the scientific community for a long time.”
– Dr. John Krystal

The benefits of Ketamine are rapidly increasing access and opening up the door for new research for conditions beyond depression like PTSD, OCD, Addiction, Chronic pain, sever anxiety and bi-polar disorder. Ofcourse with any drug there are risks. Ketamine does have a record of abuse. Sometimes the urgency of depression can result in people taking too much which could eventually decrease the effectiveness and likelihood of of long term recovery.

What are the side effects of Ketamine?

The day after a Ketamine infusion session a patient can feel tired and forgetful. But for them those side effects do not outweigh the drugs benefits. Other side effects that can be experienced are Nausea, Vomiting, insomnia and double vision.

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