Ketamine for Depression

The new way to treat depression Why Ketamine Infusion? Around five million people in the U.S. with depression, don’t respond to commonly prescribed or recommended treatments. For these people, Therapy, Antidepressants and Physical activity don’t solve the condition. There is new hope in the horizon, Ketamine. Known as a party drug and animal anesthetic, it … Read more

Ketamine infusion for PTSD

Treatments for PTSD

Ketamine Infusion to Treat PTSD PTSD is a very common, it’s serious and can be chronic. The symptoms include memories of the trauma, cause nightmares and one to remember the trauma over and over again. That itself can cause depression or suicidal feelings. New treatments that work very well are desperately needed for PTSD. What … Read more

What is IV ketamine therapy?

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that blocks the NMDA receptor that has also been used as a recreational drug due to its dissociative properties. It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines because of its safety and efficacy for anesthesia. More recently, ketamine has been discovered as a safe and effective treatment … Read more