How it works

Receiving a ketamine infusion is a relaxing experience. The acute effects of ketamine, which most patients find pleasant and relaxing, last for approximately 45 minutes. You may fall asleep, or simply be in a drowsy state. Depending on the treatment plan and your medical history, ketamine injections might be combined with light sedatives. Every experience is unique but most patients say they feel relaxed, calm, and sometimes euphoric.

You receive ketamine infusions on-site at our office through an intravenous (IV) line. It usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to five hours, depending on your specific condition. Ketamine infusions used for pain relief have a much lower dosage than the amount used for surgical anesthesia. In some cases, Dr.Derian might administer other types of medication along with ketamine infusions. These medications can help improve your pain relief or reduce potential side effects from your ketamine infusion.