Frequently Asked Questions asked by our patients 

How long does Ketamine Infusion take? 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

How should I expect to feel after the drip? It depends on the person, but ideally you’ll feel energy and mental clarity.

How long do these effects last?
Again depending on the person, it can last a few days to a month or so.

Is ketamine safe?

Are there side effects to the treatment?

Is ketamine a good treatment for depression?

Should ketamine therapy be used before any other treatments for depression?

Which patients benefit from ketamine treatment for depression?

How many treatments are given for depression?

Will ketamine relieve all my pain?

Why do some ketamine clinics initially schedule patients for six infusion sessions while your clinic does not?

How will I know when a maintenance infusion is needed?

Who is with me during the treatments?

Are there patients who should not receive ketamine?

Are ketamine infusions FDA approved ?

Should an anesthesiologist or a psychiatrist give ketamine?

Why do some ketamine clinics charge less?

Can I refer myself to your center or do I need my doctor to refer me?

Is ketamine a good treatment for PTSD?