Who we are

Advanced Ketamine Care

Many who suffer from mental illness feel isolated or alone. The number of people who experience 

mental health issues is staggeringly high. Over half of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental

 illness or anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime. Here at Ketamine Infusion Center of Glendale

we offer hope for those who have been unable to find relief from their depression and anxiety 

disorders through traditional treatments.

Our mission is to treat every patient with respect, dignity, and compassion. We understand first hand how chronic disease affects patients and families.  We will do everything in  our power to make you as comfortable as possible and our goal is to give you a chance at regaining normalcy.  We will be honest and  up-front about your chances of success with our treatment regimens.  Chronic mood disorders and chronic pain syndromes rob patients and their loved ones from so many of life’s joys